With the freshly launched DC FanDome schedule finally confirming that the title of Rocksteady’s new DC video game is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, we’re left to ponder how and why these two iconic teams will in all probability be pitted in the direction of one another.The title brings to ideas a certain 2017 comic e book mini-series known as Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, so by diving into that comic event, we’d glean some particulars about potential playable characters, hero bosses, shock villains, and additional.

The comic was written by Joshua Williamson with art work by Jason Fabok, Jesús Merino, Fernando Pasarin, Robson Rocha, and Howard Porter.

Warning: full spoilers for Justice League vs. Suicide Squad ahead!

Image credit score rating: DC

The story of Justice League vs. Suicide Squad is filled with dozens of characters and practically as many game-changing plot twists. It begins with every the titular teams responding to a terrorist assault, nevertheless in its place of specializing within the menace, they start stopping each other. In a shocking flip of events, the Justice League is defeated and imprisoned in Belle Reve beneath Amanda Waller’s watch.

Nonetheless as points typically go along with these sorts of tales, a villainous mastermind wanted all this to happen as part of their insidious plan. Enter: telepathic unhealthy man Maxwell Lord.Image credit: DC

Image credit score rating: DC

Appears Lord orchestrated all of this with the help of the first-ever Suicide Squad group (further on them in a bit) because of he needs to take over the world by possessing the Justice League and using them to do his evil bidding. To do that he bolsters his private ideas administration powers with the Eclipso Diamond, which was hidden inside Belle Reve.Image credit: DC

Image credit score rating: DC

Batman is able to avoid getting ideas managed along with plenty of others, so it then falls on him to assemble this ragtag group survivors – Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Killer Frost and Lobo – to stop Lord.Image credit: DC

Image credit score rating: DC

It’s pretty the daring story – possibly too daring for one on-line sport to recap in its entirety – so we take into consideration that this story would possibly merely encourage the plot of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and what we get inside the sport will in all probability be further of a streamlined remix.

The first motive we predict the game will on the very least significantly observe this comic, aside from the plain undeniable fact that it pits the Squad in the direction of the League, is a small component inside the teaser poster that seems to stage to the inclusion of primary DC villain Eclipso. The normal evildoer’s signature purple vitality and cracked white pores and pores and skin seem to be afflicting Superman, equivalent to it does when Eclipso possesses someone inside the comics.d

Image credit score rating: Rockstready/DC

Eclipso’s power comes from the cursed Coronary coronary heart of Darkness gem, AKA the Eclipso Diamond, and when Maxwell Lord makes use of the gem inside the comic he loses administration of his private ideas and turns right into a puppet of the godlike Eclipso, who needs to outright destroy the world in its place of rule it. This models up the last word confrontation and an epic downside for Batman’s group to beat.

We would take into consideration that the game will see Eclipso possess the Justice League and energy them to commit atrocities all through the globe; with all heroes compromised, the ultimate hope for humanity is Amanda Waller and her group of felony misfits. The members of the Suicide Squad ought to then take down each member of the Justice League (possibly not by truly killing them) and produce them once more to their senses with a objective to topple the precise enemy.

It’s a toss up as as to if Maxwell Lord will current up as a result of the evil mastermind like inside the comic, nevertheless provided that he’s the premiere villain inside the upcoming movie Marvel Lady 1984, it wouldn’t shock us if he’s inside the sport to capitalize on the character’s rising star.WW84_INSTA_VERT_MAX_Character_Art_DOM_1638x2048_master_5ded730437a331.16336600

Image credit score rating: Warner Bros

And in case you want to toss in a twist, maybe Rocksteady’s favorite hero, Batman, avoids getting possessed by Eclipso equivalent to inside the comic, and he’s the one who instructs the Suicide Squad on the precise method to defeat each of his teammates. Everybody is aware of Batman has a plan to disable each of his allies merely in case they develop to be compromised, so it actually is sensible for him to fill this place.

On account of we’re presumably going to be suiting up as members of the Suicide Squad, let’s try and piece collectively the potential roster of playable characters.

If we’re going by the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad comic, then the roster might embody Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Deadshot, Enchantress, Captain Boomerang, El Diablo, and Killer Frost. That’s primarily the first Suicide Squad movie lineup with Killer Frost added in.Image credit: DC

Image credit score rating: DC

Killer Frost is among the many main characters of the comic, and as a current recruit to the ranks of Exercise Energy X, she acts as a gateway character for the viewers to check the way in which all of it works – as an illustration, how there’s a tiny bomb implanted on the bottom of her neck that’ll go off if she disobeys orders. It’s Killer Frost’s emotional arc that grounds the story as she proves she’s not all unhealthy by risking her life to keep away from losing the world alongside together with her icy powers. She would possibly fulfill an identical place inside the sport.

It’s unclear whether or not or not Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will in all probability be linked to Rocksteady’s current Batman Arkham universe, however when it does actually occur inside that world, then we’d already have a key piece of information due to Batman: Arkham Origins. The post-credits stinger on the end of Arkham Origins reveals Deathstroke being recruited to the Suicide Squad by none apart from Amanda Waller. It’s a provided that Waller would current up in a Suicide Squad sport because of, duh, however after we’re within the equivalent continuity then we’d additionally get to play as Deathstroke. We now have moreover seen that universe’s iterations of Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, and Deadshot all through the four Arkham video video games.

If we’re having fun with a sport with the (admittedly morbid) objective of looking down the Justice League members, then it stands to motive that each hero would wind up being a formidable boss. The hero roster inside the comic consists of Batman, Superman, Marvel Lady, Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, and Inexperienced Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz.Image credit: DC

Image credit score rating: DC

It goes with out saying that the game can and may shake up the Justice League roster, and there are a variety of strategies they might do that. Whereas Superman is confirmed inside the teaser image and Batman, Marvel Lady, Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman appear to be roster staples due to the Justice League movie solidifying their A-Itemizing standing, the Inexperienced Lantern slots actually really feel a bit further versatile. It wouldn’t shock us within the occasion that they consolidated that duo proper right into a single Inexperienced Lantern, possibly the essential Hal Jordan. That may unlock room for yet another hero like Shazam, Hawkgirl, or Martian Manhunter. And naturally, there is no such thing as a precise prohibit on what variety of Justice League characters could be included.

Inside the comic, each member of the Suicide Squad was pitted in the direction of a particular member of the Justice League based on who had the best probability to beat them in a fight. Deadshot went up in the direction of Batman, Enchantress took on Superman alongside together with her extremely efficient spells, Killer Croc took on Aquaman underwater, Killer Frost battled Cyborg, El Diablo fought every Inexperienced Lanterns, Captain Boomerang squared off alongside along with his nemesis The Flash, and, for causes we are going to’t make clear, Harley Quinn went after Marvel Lady. It’s potential that each chapter of the story will see us controlling a definite member of the Squad, and other people chapters will culminate with a face-off in the direction of their nemesis on the Justice League.

We now have already coated Maxwell Lord and Eclipso, nevertheless Justice League vs. Suicide Squad has rather more villains.

As we talked about sooner than, the story moreover features a shock third group. Inside the comic, it’s revealed that the “X” in Exercise Energy X actually stands for the amount 10, meaning there have been totally different incarnations of the Suicide Squad that no one knew about. Maxwell Lord reassembles the distinctive Suicide Squad group that was first used and discarded by Amanda Waller, promising them vengeance in the direction of her and her current group. They wind up merely being a technique to an end for Lord to realize his remaining objective.Image credit: DC

Image credit score rating: DC

There are already two sizable teams on this story, however when the game wanted to include this twist and introduce a third, then it could possibly be Maxwell Lord fundamental Doctor Polaris, Emerald Empress, Lobo, Johnny Sorrow, and Rustam. These could be the “precise” villains that we now have to deal with after discovering out the Justice League. In any case, what’s a comic book e book e book story besides two opposing sides first butt heads then group as a lot as sort out their true enemy?

All of that’s merely guesswork based on the newly revealed title. We’ll must attend until DC FanDome on August 22 to hunt out out the precise deal. Until then, inform us what you suppose Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will in all probability be like inside the suggestions.
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