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Welcome to IGN’s Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough! This recreation has a great deal of points in an effort to uncover, accumulate and full. This walkthrough net web page serves an index. Did you finish an area nonetheless nonetheless have some sneaky Toads that need rescuing? Click on on on any of the hyperlinks beneath to be taken to that area’s net web page. Each net web page isn’t solely a walkthrough, it moreover includes information on strategies to get 100% Completion in each area. Which implies particulars on every Toad you need to rescue, every Not-Bottomless Hole you need to restore, every ?-Block you need to hit, and every Collectible Treasure you need to… correctly, accumulate. Nonetheless that isn’t all! We even have information on all forms of completely different choices – similar to the Secret Trophies, Battling Solutions and nearly each different information you’d want to find out about this recreation. Joyful participating in!


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