Facial recognition know-how has been carried out on a trial basis inside the UK since 2016, every in London by the Met and in South Wales by the SWP. In South Wales, the AI system is notorious for its error cost. In 2018, the SWP was found to have misidentified 2,300 people as potential criminals.

In London, an 2019 neutral look at found that the Met’s system had an 81 p.c error cost. Although the Met’s private analysis claimed the error cost was far lower, although clearly they too had been sad with the system. In 2020, it switched to Clearview AI.

Clearview AI combines surveillance footage and photos pulled from the online in an attempt to mass decide individuals in public areas. That has provoked accusations that the know-how is dystopian, not helped because of Clearview scraped footage from social media web sites, along with Fb, with out permission. 

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