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Glimpse Farming Route

Starting from Fallgrim Tower, head upstairs and talk to Thestus. For the value of 1 Glimpse, Thestus will convey the fog once more to Fallgrim, masking the map in these demonic enemies, however moreover spawning two Grishnas.

Spend the Glimpse to activate the fog, then soar off the second flooring of the tower and onto the underside beneath. Our trip spot is the river with the poisonous frogs, so decrease by the use of the enemy camp on the left and stroll down into the water.

Everytime you attain the river take a correct observe all of it the way in which during which proper right down to the tip the place you’ll lastly uncover an enemy camp (the place you beforehand found the Impervious Lute) which is now occupied by a Grishna. Kill the Grishna to claim 6 Glimpses and 750 Tar.

Retrace your steps once more to the swamp, nonetheless pretty than going once more to Fallgrim Tower take the alternative path that leads in path of the woods with the hanging bats. Battle your methodology by the use of the enemies to reach the second Grishna prepared for you beneath crucial tree. Take him out to collect 6 further Glimpses and 750 further Tar.


From proper right here it would be best to pay Thestus but yet another Glimpse to get rid of the fog, otherwise you presumably can let an enemy kill you to reset the world and save your self the Glimpse. Merely make sure you die someplace the place you presumably can merely retrieve your physique!

Optimum Farming

To make your farm even increased I wish to suggest using Tiel, upgraded with the ability that allows you to run with out consuming stamina. This will mean you can traverse the map quite extra quickly, though further dangerous since Tiel has the underside nicely being of any Shell.

Bear in mind that there are enemies that drop from the sky at set components alongside this route. In case you’re working whilst you go by their spawn degree they might command seize you and deal a substantial quantity of hurt. Be certain that to note these spots and stroll as your technique them.

Lastly, it’s best to make the most of a Bronze Bell merchandise to increase the possibilities of Glimpse drops from the traditional enemies alongside the route. This allows you to purchase excess of 12 Glimpses per run.


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