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There’s a secret mission to be found contained in the Marvel’s Avengers beta and it may solely be accessed by following a extremely cautious set of steps. It’s important to first launch into the Stark Realities mission.

With a view to entry the important thing mission, that you have to uncover a secret SHIELD bunker underground. Sadly, your tactical consciousness received’t inform you the place that’s. In its place, you’ll wish to make use of Jarvis’ signal to look out its location.

Whilst you first launch into Sabotage Threat Sector: Stark Realities, check out the precept purpose and head forward in direction of the left of it. Whilst you hit the encircling mountainous wall, proceed within the an identical route. Whilst you attain a dropoff on this route, it’s possible you’ll be shut.

Protect heading that method and you will note the pathfinder throughout the increased lefthand nook of your show display pop up. It’s going to start beeping as properly.


Observe that sound and pathfinder and likewise you’ll finally attain the SHIELD bunker underground. Work along with it (it’s the white dot throughout the screenshot beneath) and the Avengers will head inside.

Seize the helpful useful resource chest in proper right here after which open the position chest marked by a waypoint inside. This affords you the position to the important thing mission inside the kind of a Vault Helpful useful resource. You’ll moreover get some gear and property too.

At this stage, you presumably can go to the menu and head once more to the Quinjet. On the Battle Desk, you’ll see a model new space on the market: Snowy Tundra.

The Resistance has uncover the hidden location of 1 different SHIELD Vault, nonetheless AIM is throughout the area. The Avengers ought to recuperate its contents sooner than AIM can intrude.

Assured Reward: Epic Gear.

Whilst you land throughout the Snowy Tundra, you’ll seemingly uncover this area acquainted. That’s because of it was the position of the third story mission, Beta Mission 3: Missing Links.

Use your tactical consciousness and likewise you’ll uncover two facet targets. Let’s get these out of the best way during which sooner than heading to the Vault.

The first facet purpose we’re going to deal with is the one to the suitable.

Head to the waypoint and take out the complete enemies throughout the area. Then, step on the yellow sq. in entrance of the door. It’s going to flip blue. Quickly step on the sq. to the left, the sq. to the suitable, and on the sq. behind the setting up to point out all of them from yellow to blue after which lastly, to inexperienced. It is going to open the door.

Inside is a chest with a bit of medicine and some property. Let’s go after the alternative facet purpose now.

Use tactical consciousness to look out this facet purpose’s waypoint and head that method.

Fortunately, there aren’t any puzzles to be solved at this waypoint — solely a chest with some property and an enhance module prepared for you.

Now that you just’re deeper into the extent, it’s worthwhile to see some further facet purpose waypoints which have popped up. Let’s seize these.

Let’s head to these nearly straight ahead. They’re nearer than the alternative two to your left.

The first facet purpose you’ll seemingly run into over proper right here is the actual enemy unit that have to be destroyed. Take it out to complete this facet mission. It has a robust defend so be sure that to utilize Power Assaults to get earlier that and be careful as its electrical arms hit onerous and heavy.

We obtained an Enhance Module and an Epic piece of medicine after we defeated the actual enemy unit. Let’s go after the next two targets shut by.

At this purpose, you’ll uncover a SHIELD ally trapped in a subject. To open the sphere and rescue the ally, that you have to destroy two cylinders preserving the sphere locked.

You may even see what they seem like throughout the screenshot beneath. Destroy them to rescue the ally and full this purpose.

About 50 meters away, it’s worthwhile to spot a chest marked by a waypoint.

Climb up the cliff and open it to look out some property and a Unusual piece of medicine.

From up the place you might be really, it’s worthwhile to be able to spot your subsequent purpose. Let’s head there.

As you get nearer, you’ll see that there are actually 5 further facet targets. Let’s head to the one on the suitable throughout the screenshot beneath.

Whilst you get nearer to this waypoint, you’ll see that it’s a chest various tales up extreme.

Climb the steps as a lot because it and open it to look out some Nanites and Uru.

There’s one different chest correct by the sooner one. It’s to the suitable. Head over there, climb up the development and open the chest on the prime to get some Fashions, Uru and a Unusual piece of medicine. You might ignore the enemies as you climb up in direction of the chest.

We’re now going to go to the waypoint roughly 100 meters away, as seen throughout the screenshot beneath.

Whilst you arrive, you’ll be at a setting up.

Defeat the enemies proper right here after which seek for the piece of apparatus throughout the screenshot beneath. Punch it three instances or until the hexagon turns blue.

That will open the door to the chest inside. Open the chest to get some Fashions, Uru, and a Unusual piece of medicine. Let’s head to the next purpose. It’s the one closest to us from proper right here.

Whilst you arrive on the setting up with this waypoint, head to the underside of it. Seek for the yellow circle and punch it.

It is going to open the door that leads to the chest. Open the chest to get some Fashions, Uru, and an Uncommon piece of medicine.

Let’s head to the next waypoint about 100 meters away.

Whilst you arrive at this waypoint, take out the enemies.

You’ll see that the chest is a story or two up nonetheless you’ll uncover that you could possibly’t attain it no matter how extreme you soar. In its place, look correct and climb up the cliffs so that you just’re extreme ample that you could possibly soar to the place the chest is. Open the chest to get some Fashions, Uru, and a Unusual piece of medicine along with the Marvels of AIM collectible.

The final word facet purpose waypoint is about 200 meters away from the place you might be really. Head that method.

Whilst you arrive at this setting up, you’ll be swarmed with exploding synthoids. Take them out and clear the rest of this area. Now, head to the once more of the setting up and likewise you’ll see the two machines beneath. Punch them every three instances or until the hexagon turns blue (the one on the suitable throughout the screenshot beneath is pre-punch and the one on the left has been punched three instances).

Then, punch the third one shut by and on the left facet of the setting up (once you’re it from the doorway), there’s a fourth and shutting machine to punch. After doing so, the door to the gold chest will open.

You’ll get a comic book guide e guide, enhance module, unusual gear and some Fashions. Open the alternative chest on this room as properly for some further property.

With the complete facet targets out of our method, we’ll lastly observe down that vault. Check out the wayfinder throughout the increased left nook of the show display and observe that until it reaches zero meters.

When it reaches zero meters, that means you may need arrived on the holiday spot. Whilst you attain the zero meters stage, it’s worthwhile to find yourself in entrance of the SHIELD door beneath.

Work along with the shut by mechanism and head inside. Take the elevator down.

Head deeper into the Vault and likewise you’ll uncover the exact vault the place the treasure lies. We’re in a position to’t entry it however though. In its place, work along with the machine Jarvis has carried out a waypoint on.

Now that you have to full code verification to unlock the contents of the vault. You’ll see a waypoint pop up: it’s random and will presumably be any amount, 1-5. What that you have to do proper right here is all of the an identical, it doesn’t matter what pops up. Go to the amount and likewise you’ll uncover a sq.. Stand in that sq. until Jarvis can entry it — this could take about three seconds.

Throughout the increased left nook of the show display, you’ll see two numbers and a timer. It’s important to let Jarvis entry every of the amount terminals sooner than the timer runs out. You might usually ignore the enemies all through all of this.

After doing the first two numbers, head once more to the vault.

Carry on this sq., taking out the complete enemies that threaten to remove you from it, until the blue bar throughout the increased lefthand nook of the show display is full.

After that’s full, rely that as one among three instances it would be best to do that complete course of. Each time, one further amount terminal is perhaps added to the tactic so that you just’ll have to be sooner about discovering each amount terminal’s sq. as you progress throughout the course of.

Whilst you’ve effectively completed this rotation three instances, the vault will open. Head inside to find a ton of helpful useful resource crates, a chest with some Fashions and an Uncommon piece of medicine, and a second chest with some gadgets, an enhance module, Uru, and an Uncommon piece of medicine.

Whilst you’re ready to complete the mission, work along with the green-screened laptop computer and likewise you’ll be taken once more to the Quinjet. You could acquire an Epic piece of medicine for ending the mission.

You cannot return to the Snowy Tundra at this stage. In case you wish to do that, you’ll should repeat this entire Secret Beta Mission course of as soon as extra. Which implies discovering the Vault Helpful useful resource throughout the Sabotage Threat Sector: Stark Realities as soon as extra.


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