Bandai Namco has launched a model new playable character for Scarlet Nexus, as properly numerous new members of the Completely different Suppression Energy (OSF), all through a livestream broadcast as part of Tokyo Game Show 2020,A model new story trailer specializing in beforehand launched protagonist Yuito Sumeragi was moreover revealed, displaying flashbacks to his childhood when he was saved by the OSF, and his interactions collectively together with his present-day teammates in battle.

New protagonist Kasane Randall was beforehand launched nonetheless solely by establish, nonetheless proper this second it was revealed she could be playable together with Sumeragi. Randall, voiced in Japanese by Asami Seto, has psychokinetic powers an identical to Sumeragi and is a model new recruit to the OSF, current from teaching school. She is a cool, rational and significantly aloof character; an elite with distinctive combating experience alongside her explicit powers, nonetheless with questions on her mysterious visions.

Barely than controlling every protagonists in a single play-through, avid gamers choose between Sumeragi and Randall to experience the an identical story from completely totally different viewpoints. Additional particulars could be launched at a later date.

Three new members of the Completely different Suppression Energy have been launched by the livestream. Tsugumi Nazar (voiced by Marika Kouno) has been throughout the OSF for 12 years and is a clairvoyant. She is shy nonetheless a determined fighter who retains her composure in battle.

Gemma Garrison (Ryota Takeuchi) is a 38-year veteran of the OSF whose explicit potential is to make his physique impenetrable as a defensive measure. Since extra-sensory powers decline with age, Garrison is being dealt with with progress suppressants – so whereas he solely seems to be like barely older than the others, this struggle skilled is the reality is nearing retirement.

Lastly, Luka Travers (Chinatsu Akasaki) is an androgenous male fighter who has been with the OSF for 22 years and is able to teleport. Travers ranks extraordinarily throughout the OSF as considered one of many Septentrions (the seven most gifted members), and is a cool-minded soldier who is able to analyze a wrestle and make tactical choices.

Scarlet Nexus could be launched on Xbox Assortment X, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and Steam. No launch date has been launched.

Daniel Robson is Chief Editor at IGN Japan, and here he is on Twitter.


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