Nobody even knew she was pregnant.

Mindy Kaling has positively been staying busy in quarantine … busy giving supply!

All through an look on “The Late Current with Stephen Colbert” Thursday night, the actress revealed she welcomed her second baby — a son, Spencer — on September 3.

“I’m telling it for the first time now, nonetheless I gave supply to a toddler boy,” Kaling instructed the host. “That’s data to numerous individuals, it’s true,” she added, after Colbert well-known she under no circumstances even launched her being pregnant.

Little Spencer joins 2-year-old daughter Katherine, who Kaling talked about was “very ambivalent at first, to be generous,” about having a sibling. “She was very fearful about her toys getting taken and, I really feel in her ideas, she thought it will likely be one different baby her related dimension … nonetheless then she was delighted when he arrived home with me from the hospital and he was solely a blob who couldn’t take her toys,” she added.

Quarantine made it considerably less complicated for Kaling to take care of her being pregnant a secret, as she talked about, “No person seen me.” She added that, because of all the “heartbreak on this planet,” it felt “uncommon” for her to announce the data beforehand, so she merely didn’t.

She well-known that the paparazzi did catch her out in public as quickly as, eight months into her being pregnant, nonetheless nobody made level out of her noticeable baby bump.

“I appeared very pregnant, nonetheless I really feel they’d been too nervous to say I was pregnant, that it was practically additional insulting,” she talked about. “Like, Mindy Kaling merely seems like this. I was so insulted. If you’re not pregnant, it’s advisable go to the doctor in case you appear to be that, correct?”

Colbert wouldn’t take the bait, as Kaling exclaimed, “Contact upon my physique!”

The actress has under no circumstances revealed the id of her daughter’s father, nonetheless she confirmed closing night that “The Office” costar B.J. Novak is godfather to them every.


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