The Pagoda Gap

Start out by selecting the Streets stage from the THPS 1 menu. Whenever you load and start the extent, journey down the first grassy slope.

At this degree, you’ll have only a few different methods to achieve the Pagoda Gap, so we’ll highlight two different methods, so that you’ll be capable to select whichever one is greatest for you.

The first technique to realize the opening is thru using the water operate inside the park on the alternative side.

Cross to the far side of the extent, then flip spherical and ollie up onto the acceptable side, then journey it to the highest and use the ramp-like end to ollie up onto the establishing on the alternative side, then slowly adjust to the pathway up and spherical to the Pagoda Gap ramp.

One different strategy (which I found less complicated and faster) is to go down the preliminary slope to start with of the extent, then flip correct. Expertise down the freeway until you attain the highest, then flip left and you might even see a ramp most important as a lot as a planter.

You want some velocity, so I prefer to suggest turning spherical and grinding up the handrail behind you, then ollie and wallplant to reverse path, then grind down the an identical handrail. This might max out your Explicit meter, enabling you to maneuver faster.


Head up the ramp and veer left, then grind the ledge between the two buildings. Hop off and it’s easy to stop, flip spherical, then head up the path between the two buildings.

Regardless of the way in which you rise up there, as quickly as you is perhaps on the ledge between the buildings, you could uncover plywood sheets most important throughout the nook to the acceptable. Adjust to them spherical to hunt out one different ramp that leads as a lot as the best flooring of the establishing.

Whenever you attain the best, you could uncover an enormous ramp. Expertise as a lot as the best.

Obtain some velocity and ollie off the highest of the ramp, within the route of the center, and you could fly by the use of the air.

After that, merely preserve your board straight to make sure you stick the landing, and you could smash by the use of the glass roof of the Pagoda, grabbing the Hidden Tape, and ending the Pagoda Gap.


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