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Lindsey Graham is a racist, obsequious, inept, flaccid, spineless, backsliding, grandstanding, gutless piece of s#!t and we are going to’t sit up for Jamie Harrison to whoop is pure mayo a$$ inside the upcoming senatorial race in South Carolina.

Sarcastically, the senator let his white hood current whereas talking regarding the murder of George Floyd all through a “debate” with Harrison. Graham eye-rollingly waxed poetic about how fallacious it was that Floyd was killed and the best way penalties have to be doled out blah, blah, blah. We’re not purchased that he believes a phrase of that nonetheless it was what he talked about subsequent that has him wanting like Benedict Cumberbatch in 12 Years A Slave.

“What occurred to Mr. Floyd was fallacious and different individuals should pay the price nevertheless…”

Ya see, that correct there would be the place Lindsey acquired us f***ed up. Ain’t no “nevertheless”. That sentence ends with a full stop. Periodt.

Nonetheless, that’s Lindsey Graham we’re talkin’ about proper right here. So he continued

“…nevertheless what’s occurring in America is a battle on the police itself…Do I think about that cops are systemically racist? No. Do I think about South Carolina is a racist state? No. In case you’re a youthful African-American or immigrant you could go anyplace on this state you merely have to be conservative, not liberal”

Don’t take our phrase for it though. Press play on this video courtesy of TMZ.

Y’alls heah dat? Massa Graham achieved gived us our walkin’ papers!  We’s free! Prolonged as we’s abide by massa ‘nem conservative code, we’s can have axe the freedom we’s want!


When you want to see the controversy in its entirety, peep the video beneath.


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