NOTE: We now have present in our time with the game that the puzzle to realize the Gold Chest is totally totally different on fully totally different playthroughs. Beneath is one occasion of learn to get to the gold chest. To search out out if the beneath puzzle is the one you’ll have, use your Tactical Consciousness and if it highlights rectangular machines caught to the underside, the following puzzle is the one sooner than you.

We now have discovered there’s a very totally different puzzle that a couple of of us have wanted to play and this internet web page might be updated as we decide how that puzzle is solved.

Once you’re actually contained within the AIM facility of this mission, you’ll uncover that the precept aim waypoint directs you in the direction of the left. You probably can head meaning if you want nonetheless once you exit the doorways, it may possibly forestall you from getting the Gold Chest.

Instead of going left, go correct and you’ll discover your self in a spherical room stuffed with enemies. These enemies will hit laborious they often have Cryo beams that do a ton of harm. For individuals who see a purple circle, run or dodge. This suggests a Cryo beam is coming your means.

With the enemies out of your means, go left. Contained within the room in your left after going this vogue, seek for the piece of apparatus you see beneath. Punch it three occasions until it goes from yellow to blue. Now cross the hallway to the room that was in your correct and do the equivalent to the piece of apparatus in proper right here.


After this, run to the place we had been as soon as we fought these enemies earlier. It’s the center room — we merely went left from it. Punch the piece of apparatus in proper right here until it turns blue. Now go correct and throughout the room on the left, there’s a fourth and supreme piece of apparatus.

Punch it until it’s blue. This could make the room throughout the coronary heart gentle up purple — punch its coronary heart twice and the glass will shatter, allowing you to fall beneath. The chest you’re in quest of is in proper right here on the underside flooring. Inside, you’ll uncover an enhance module, some gear and some property.

Be sure you open up the other chest on this room as successfully.

Once you’re contained in the precept aim AIM setting up of this mission, head to the elevator. Everytime you step out of the elevator, you can be in a model new a part of the setting up.

Straight ahead, it’s greatest to identify a yellow door.

Seek for the fan to the most effective of it. Shoot it to destroy the fan after which behind it, you’ll see a yellow gentle. Shoot that yellow gentle to indicate it blue.

You’ll wish to do this to four separate followers. Yow will uncover them by using your tactical consciousness. One is to the most effective of the precept aim, one is up throughout the ceiling throughout the nook, the other might be observed from a close-by balcony and the fourth is the one to the most effective of the door.

Once you get the door open, you’ll uncover a gold chest. Inside you’ll uncover a comic e book, some fashions, an enhance module, and a unusual piece of drugs.

To go looking out this gold chest, it would be best to hint down the fitting waypoint throughout the Snowy Tundra. The one draw back is that this house has nearly a dozen waypoints in an effort to uncover. We advocate using the Secret Beta Mission: Snowy Tundra Vault walkthrough internet web page that can aid you monitor each one down, along with the Gold Chest waypoint.

If that’s not for you though, fear not. Once you cross through an AIM gate near the beginning of this stage, you will note some aim waypoints to the left about 200-300 meters away. The Gold Chest is probably going one of many aim waypoints. Head to the one swarming with exploding Synthoids.

Everytime you arrive at this setting up, you’ll be swarmed with exploding synthoids. Take them out and clear the rest of this house. Now, head to the once more of the setting up and in addition you’ll see the two machines beneath. Punch them every three occasions or until the hexagon turns blue.

Then, punch the third one shut by and on the left aspect of the setting up (in case you occur to’re it from the doorway), there’s a fourth and supreme machine to punch. After doing so, the door to the chest will open.

You’ll get a comic book e-book e book, enhance module, unusual gear and some Gadgets. Open the other chest on this room as successfully for some additional property.


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