Watch the video above for precise instructions!

Time Codes:

00:00 Crimson Gem

 0:36 Inexperienced Gem

1:05 Blue Gem

1:32 Yellow Gem

Crimson Gem

The Crimson Gem is current in N. Sanity Peak, the second diploma of N. Sanity Island, on the puzzle grid in Checkpoint 6 merely sooner than you select up Lani-Loli. On the Checkpoint, it’s best to see in your correct a carving on the wall depicting a grid with some arrows. That is relevant to the platform grid inside the subsequent room.


What you’ll have to do is soar onto the bottom-left platform, then soar twice correct, twice up, twice left, as quickly as down after which one correct to land inside the heart. In numerous phrases, make a counter-clockwise spiral. You ought to contact the platforms themselves for this to work; bouncing off a discipline on the platform is not going to rely!

As you go you’ll hear some chimes as you land on each platform. If you happen to occur to did the sequence precisely, in case you land on the middle platform the Crimson Gem will appear on the far side of the grid, ready with the intention to collect!

The Crimson Gem will unlock the Crimson Gem Platform mid-way by the use of Crash Compactor, allowing you to get all of that diploma’s containers.

Inexperienced Gem

The Inexperienced Gem is perhaps located in Hit the Road, the third diploma of The Hazardous Wastes, all through the half the place you run away from N. Gin’s massive truck whereas in a ball cage. On the halfway stage you may be in a concrete room with a Checkpoint Area and a Nitro. Spin the trash can on the left-hand side and an RC automotive with a distant administration will come out. Spin the distant administration quite a lot of cases to once more the RC automotive into the Nitro Area, detonating it and revealing the Inexperienced Gem!

The Inexperienced gem will unlock the Inexperienced Gem Platform in Jetboard Jetty, letting you get the whole containers in that diploma.

Blue Gem

The Blue Gem is earned in Draggin’ On, the second diploma of Tranquility Falls and is a doozy to get. In a homage to Crash Bandicoot 2, you’ll have to endure the entire diploma with out breaking a single discipline. This is usually a lot extra sturdy than it sounds, as a result of it comprises the Checkpoint Bins! You could have to profit from the easiest ‘Akano Darkish Spin jumps you’ll have the ability to muster, considerably to get on excessive of the stacks of Locked Bins early on with out breaking them. You should additionally ignore the TNT Bins and the Stone Lions inside the side-scrolling sections.

Yellow Gem

The Yellow Gem is perhaps current in Run it Bayou, the third diploma of Mosquito Marsh. Firstly of the extent you’ll get on the Jetboard: moderately than go on it, look on the suitable side of the canal to establish a line of 9 Bins between two small stone docks. You might be gonna should get better from there on foot, which you’ll be able to do with a Sliding Double Leap all through the water.

Once you’re all through, fastidiously bounce all through the Bins, making certain to depart some behind as you’ll want to return once more! Once you make it onto the second stone dock, await the large platform to slide in so that you’ll have the ability to Double Leap over to it. correct it left to hunt out Four further Bins. Bounce extreme off of them and Double Leap to get the Yellow Gem!


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