Merely sooner than Fall Guys acquired right here out, we talked about the creation of one of its hardest games, Slime Climb, with lead sport designer Joe Walsh and junior stage designer Joseph “JJ” Juson. Two months later, as we approach the release of Fall Guys Season 2, we invited the pair once more to talk by a stage which will merely take Slime Climb’s crown.Yesterday, now we have been pleased to exclusively reveal a new level, Knight Fever, and it’s possible you’ll watch footage of it in movement underneath. Nonetheless what went into creating this medieval gauntlet of spikes, scythes and drawbridges? That’s how Mediatonic created Knight Fever, your new favourite stage to fret.

What Is Knight Fever?

Joseph “JJ” Juson: Knight Fever is, I assume, acquainted in a means that it’s a race stage. It’s definitely one in every of our massive 60-player, race-to-the-finish-line, be prime 75% [events]. We knew that this was going to be dropping after of us had acquired to grips with these types of ranges, and had acquired pretty good at them, and so we thought, “Let’s make one for these avid gamers who’ve conquered each half else so far and do a really arduous mannequin of that.”

On a smaller scale, now now we have a wide range of new obstacles in Season 2, and a wide range of these are showcased on this stage. So now now we have rotating spike logs, and now now we have these scythes that swing really fast, and now now we have these massive log swings with spikes on them which is perhaps attempting to get you. So as soon as now we have been this stage, it was really about, “How can we current these off in a troublesome means, and likewise in a way the place it’s back-to-back obstacles?” I really feel, better than our totally different races, you presumably can fall off at any stage – there are some bits that I nonetheless uncover really arduous and I’m falling off frequently.

The Inspiration

Joe Walsh: There are solely a few obstacles in sport displays that we would seen as soon as now we have been researching Fall Guys usually. One in all many points we checked out is Richard Gere in The First Knight – he goes by this epic swinging obstacle course of swinging scythes and that was in our brains, like, “That’s pretty good. We must always at all times most likely use that.” Then the other one is that this TV current known as Raven that used to exist once more inside the day, and it had this thing called The Way Of The Warrior, the place the one which was rubbish at Raven would get a go at ending this obstacle course with a objective to qualify. For a lot of who have no idea, it’s a kids’ TV current with a extreme fantasy sort and an incredible Scottish host. It’s only a pleasant obstacle course with some really scary-looking obstacles.

I really feel we merely had really good ideas for medieval obstacles that felt too good to put into the launch sport, on account of it felt like we could do a complete season merely spherical medieval stuff. Knight Fever is kind of a greatest hits of all of our favorite medieval obstacles from these displays that we like.

Knight Fever concept format.

The Thought

JJ: Step one in every of engaged on a stage like this was primarily taking these obstacles and brainstorming spherical fully totally different sections which may match them. There are some obstacles the place it feels very pure, what you’ll be doing with them. The scythe for example – not lower than to begin out with, you’ll be working by a row of these scythes. After which it was sort of like, “OK, successfully how will we make that attention-grabbing? How will we make that basically really feel like Fall Guys?” On account of we clearly nonetheless want it to actually really feel choose it’s a sport current, and that’s an obstacle course. So, I spent a few days doing that and put collectively a doc of some ideas for sections with these obstacles. The obstacle designs have been so good that it was like they sort of made themselves.

We realized pretty early that there was a wide range of balancing, primarily. You might be each working alongside a beam and avoiding scythes, in any other case you’re working alongside a beam and avoiding the swinging log, in any other case you’re working all through this spike log and it’s like, “OK, successfully it’s a bit overboard on balancing, that’s all you might be doing.” So we then took it once more a little bit of bit and checked out other ways to make use of those obstacles that weren’t primarily almost staying on a good beam.

One in all many points I knew, even actually sooner than we started, most likely sooner than we even had the obstacles, was I knew that I wanted a drop halfway by the extent, like a slimy drop. Sort of reversed to the tip of Hit Parade the place you’re going up and there are the problems shifting all through – let’s give of us the possibility to solely go down as a satisfying second halfway by. So that sort of sorts the premise of the development.blank

Knight Fever’s obstacles.

As quickly as we had that on paper and now we have been happy with that, we went into the blocking out half and I’d make these sections individually. It’s an attention-grabbing choice to make a stage, significantly a stage like this that’s pretty massive and pretty prolonged – you don’t have any idea how any of the sections are literally going to play or actually really feel until you’ve gotten the complete factor collectively. I could go down that little slide by itself and it’s like, “Correctly, good. Does it actually really feel like I earned that inside the stage and does it actually really feel choose it’s actually satisfying together with the other stuff?” So you should make all of it to then know if these courses are going to work.

We had one half, which had these large logs swings, and it was sort of like a maze that you simply’d be going by, beneath the log swings. On paper it regarded pretty cool, it felt equivalent to you’d be able to make some attention-grabbing selections and leap all through. Then as soon as I actually acquired inside the [level] editor, it most likely must have been one factor I observed sooner than, nonetheless the log swings have been merely hitting each other, on account of they’ve been massive and there was no home. It was so cramped and it merely didn’t really work as a chunk. I was participating in spherical with it a bit, nonetheless I really feel you get that inherent feeling now, I really feel having labored on these ranges for a really very long time, you merely know, “This doesn’t Fall Guys and it’s not going to work.”

I really feel we realized, we are not looking for that many on account of they’re so massive and so robust to get earlier, that two is adequate. So now now we have this huge half pipe with a substantial amount of holes in it, and it’s important to steer clear of these large log swings. I really feel it’s far more pleasing than the distinctive half we wished to make.

Joe: [Knight Fever] is additional of a capability look at, I really feel. It’s positively harder and I really feel it creates this good image of storming the fortress, which is one factor we talked about really early on – we wished the tip line to be these two massive crenelated towers and it is sort of a hoard of badly dressed, wacky, overweight Fall Guys charging by. It merely appeared just like the exact issue and we wished to, just for this one not lower than, really funnel avid gamers collectively and have them getting in each other’s means and tripping over each other and stuff like that.Knight Fever concept art.

Knight Fever concept art work.

The Future

JJ: I really feel when you suppose you’ve acquired mastered how one could make a Fall Guys stage, it modifications on account of of us grasp these things and get larger at it and are like, “Correctly, the place’s the model new drawback? What’s the subsequent new issue for me to take care of on this sport?” Part of [dealing with] that’s now we have been doing this stage variation stuff the place now we have acquired fully totally different variations of the levels everyone knows. I really feel having these new obstacles, the Season 2 drop is just not the tip of how we’re in a position to make use of these things. It merely presents us an excellent platform for the long term.

Joe: I do suppose we’re asking additional of avid gamers with Season 2, for optimistic – every in these ranges after which shortly as soon as we convey these obstacles elsewhere inside the sport – I really feel it’s going to be really thrilling to see of us attempt to grasp these ones.

JJ: If every race stage was as arduous as Knight Fever, I don’t suppose the game will be as satisfying because it’s, nonetheless I really feel while you presumably can sprinkle this into the mixture of ranges which is perhaps already there, you really give fully totally different play sorts and fully totally different of us the possibility to shine or have satisfying – I really feel that’s really cool.

One in all many points we’re occupied with as soon as we’re making our ranges now, which is totally totally different, is how we’re going to remix this additional down the street. Everyone knows exactly how the system works and everyone knows what’s satisfying. Everyone knows what of us like. I really feel the enjoyable of it’s these surprises, moments that you simply simply didn’t depend on to see on this stage on account of you already comprehend it so successfully. So we positively must protect this stage modern – we’re leaving these sections, giving them extra room to have the power to play with in the end.Knight Fever in action.

Knight Fever in movement.

Joe: I dread to suppose what you’ve acquired acquired up your sleeve for Knight Fever remixes down the street.

JJ: There’s some really nice issues. I’m a bit obsessive about Huge Yeetus as successfully, on account of it on a regular basis feels inherently satisfying to leap proper right into a hammer and get flown all through a map. Nonetheless now it’s like, how can we try this one other means? How can we give avid gamers who care additional about ending in sort than merely ending? Yeah, that’s really thrilling.

Fall Guys Season 2 will most likely be released on Thursday, October 8.

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