Weapon Determine Weapon Type Diploma Unlocked Description XM4 Assault Rifle 4 Full-auto assault rifle. Reliable hurt with improved fire cost. Truthful weapon administration when sustaining fire. AK-47 Assault Rifle 7 Full-auto assault rifle. Extreme hurt with a barely slower fire cost. Fantastic stopping power for mid to fast fluctuate counters. Krig 6 Assault Rifle 19 Full-auto assault rifle. Improved hurt and accuracy. Fantastic weapon administration with barely sooner reload speeds. QBZ 83 Assault Rifle 31 Full-auto assault rifle. Superior mobility with improved coping with speeds. Erratic preliminary recoil with a lot much less appropriate hipfire unfold. MP5 SMG 1 Full-auto submachine gun. Fast fire cost with low recoil. Good visibility and administration whereas firing. Miano 821 SMG 13 Full-Auto submachine gun. Extreme hurt with a slower fire cost and truthful recoil. Improved coping with speeds with additional appropriate hipfire unfold. AK-74u SMG 25 Full-auto submachine gun. Improved hurt and fluctuate with reliable weapon administration. KSP 45 SMG 34 3-round burst submachine gun. Extreme hurt with cheap fluctuate. Burst fire unfold is far much less surroundings pleasant at prolonged fluctuate. Type 63 Tactical Rifle 4 Semi-automatic tactical rifle. Extreme hurt and reliable accuracy with lower ammo functionality. Fantastic visibility and administration whereas firing. M16 Tactical Rifle 16 3-round burst tactical rifle. Fantastic burst fire accuracy when aiming down sights, and extreme hurt in short fluctuate encounters. Stoner 63 LMG 1 Full-auto mild machine gun. Improved fire cost with a much bigger ammo functionality. Subdued recoil and good visibility whereas firing. RPD LMG 4 Full-auto mild machine gun. Fantastic coping with speeds with a lot much less ammo functionality. A lot much less recoil administration when sustaining fire. Pelington 703 Sniper Rifles 4 Bolt-action sniper rifle. Hand loaded with improved coping with speeds and sooner rechamber. 1-shot kill to the head or greater chest. LW3-Tundra Sniper Rifles 28 Bolt-action sniper rifle. Extreme hurt with cheap sway. 1-shot kill to the head, upper-chest, and shoulders. 1911 Hand Gun 4 Semi-auto pistol. Good accuracy with a modest ammo functionality. Extreme hurt in shut encounters. Diamatti Hand Gun 28 3-round burst pistol. Fast cyclic cost of fireplace with a quick delay between bursts. Elevated ammo functionality and barely slower reloading speeds. Magnum Hand Gun 40 Double movement revolver. Extreme hurt with elevated penetration and reduce muzzle velocity. Hauer 77 Shotgun 10 Pump-action shotgun. Extreme hurt with a doable 1-shot kill in shut quarters. Hand loaded with cheap rechamber tempo. Gallo SA 12 Shotgun 22 Semi-auto shotgun. Reliable hurt and pellet unfold. Common recoil and visibility when firing. Cigmia 2 Launcher 4 Lock-on rocket launcher. Anti-vehicle weapon delivers devastating hurt. Small ammo pool and sluggish coping with speeds. RPG-7 Launcher 37 Free-fire rocket launcher. Elevated blast radius with heavy hurt to autos, gear, and personnel. Additional rockets provided. Knife


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