The 2-minute, 15-second video, titled “The God of Warfare H-6K Goes on the Assault!” was launched over the weekend by China’s People Liberation Navy Air Drive (PLAAF) on Weibo, a Twitter-like social media web site. It highlights the drive’s H-6K aircraft, twin-engine jet bombers nicknamed “Gods of Warfare” by the Chinese language language navy.

Nonetheless eagle-eyed social media prospects recognized that just a few of the explosive aerial footage used appears to be lifted from fairly just a few Hollywood movies, along with “The Hurt Locker,” “The Rock” and “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”

The video, which has been seen hundreds and hundreds of situations, has been mocked by many shoppers for its apparent liberal use of American movement movies sequences, with commentators mentioning that the PLAAF’s propaganda isn’t solely fictitious, nonetheless probably stolen with out credit score rating.

CNN has reached out to China’s Abroad and Safety Ministries for comment.

The video begins with some slick scenes of the huge bombers in what appears to be the early dawn at a desert airbase. They roar into the sky and seconds later launch a missile that zooms all the best way right down to strike a objective.

Evaluating a freeze physique of the missile strike to Google Earth photos, the objective appears markedly similar to the US’ Andersen Air Drive Base on Guam.

The sprawling base on {the japanese} tip on the island is a key US navy facility throughout the Pacific. Until earlier this yr, it was home to the US Air Drive’s Regular Bomber Presence, a 16-year program that rotated US B-1 and B-52 bombers by way of the island to keep up them inside quick placing distance of potential targets throughout the realm.

Though that program ended in April, the Pentagon continues to maneuver the strategic jets by way of Andersen at irregular intervals to keep up adversaries guessing.
The underside is taken into account a key objective for any Chinese language language assault throughout the event of hostilities between Washington and Beijing. It was moreover threatened by North Korea by the highest of US-North Korea tensions in 2017.

Sooner than US Safety Secretary Mark Esper visited Guam closing month, a US Safety Division launch described the island as “a centerpiece of American approach throughout the Indo-Pacific.”

The discharge of the video on Saturday received right here after H-6 bombers were among 37 Chinese planes that crossed the median line throughout the Taiwan Strait, an off-the-cuff nonetheless largely revered border of administration for Beijing and Taipei.

The PLA flights have been part of navy exercise routines China has been conducting off Taiwan, the self-governing island Beijing considers to be part of its sovereign territory.

These drills coincided with exercise routines the US navy was conducting off Guam. These included the sinking of a retired US Navy frigate and Tomahawk missile strikes from warships on island targets.

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