Eat ’em. Don’t throw ’em.

That’s the plea Bumble Bee Tuna urged of consumers on Tuesday after President Donald Trump claimed protesters had been weaponizing its product.

Speaking at a rally in Pittsburgh, the POTUS suggested the gang that laws enforcement had been getting pelted with the canned seafood — that mannequin notably.

“They exit and buy tuna fish and soup,” he launched. ” that, correct?”

Pausing for a quick plug for Goya merchandise, he went on to make clear the nefarious pondering behind the ammunition.

“On account of they throw it, they throw it, it’s the correct weight — tuna fish,” he outlined. “They’ll really rip it, correct? And that hits you. No, it’s true. Bumble Bee mannequin tuna.”

“And you might throw that, since you place a curve on it, you’ll be able to do regardless of you want.”

The police within the meantime, who apparently can solely swat the supposed flying cans out of the air, are “not allowed to fight once more,” primarily based on Trump.

“Nevertheless they’re professionals, they’re anarchists, they normally’re paid for by exterior foolish rich of us,” he talked about of the alleged can throwers.

Although there have been no media research of tinned meals accidents however, the President insisted troublemakers had been packing enough ammo to do some extreme harm.

“They’re strolling up there like 30 cans of soup, they’ve like 25 cans of tuna; they get caught, ‘I’m bringing this home to my family! How dare you stop me?’” he talked about.

“No no no… they use it as ammunition. It’s really… it’s horrible.”

In its response, Bumble Bee requested shoppers to utilize its product solely as a result of it was initially meant:


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