Non-compulsory Collectable Objective: Receive A rank in all fights.

When this stage begins, you’ll be on an alien planet of varieties in what appears to be a highly-secure base. Let’s head correct. Battle the first wave of enemies and proceed correct until you attain a laptop to hack.

You’ll should advance slowly to the middle half, dodging the falling blocks alongside the best way during which. On the middle half, you’ll should get on and off the middle sq. in such a strategy that the four blocks to the becoming line up. As soon as they line up, head correct and for individuals who time it correct, you’ll have a clear shot to the tip line.

Head correct and put together to battle a couple of waves of enemies. Sooner than that though, ensure you spit on the hen pictured underneath:

Considered one of many new enemies proper right here will throw axes at you and this can be very annoying. You’ll discover your toad’s avatar pop up above their head. Everytime you see that, get capable of evade.

After taking out these enemies, you’ll wish to maneuver deeper into the forest-like house. Keep an eye fixed mounted out for the hen in a nest pictured underneath. Spit on it to make it fly away. This may be important later for buying a collectable.


Head to the becoming and put collectively to battle some enemies inside the background. After ending them off, ensure you return to the foreground and head correct to the ineffective end up ahead. You’ll see a red-swirled aim. Spit at it to reveal a collectable.

Head once more to the background and proceed correct. After taking out a couple of enemies up ahead, soar to the foreground and head left until you attain {the electrical} circuit puzzle pictured underneath.

That is similar sort of puzzle you’ve achieved sooner than moreover it has one new addition. That yellow sq. with a inexperienced arrow on its correct and left side will bounce once more any electrical power coming its strategy within the improper method. That’s important as you’ll should bounce electrical power forwards and backwards as a technique to create a solution. The reply is pictured underneath.

This puzzle will open a door to the becoming. Head that strategy and spit on the hen pictured underneath.

You’ll should battle three enemies merely after that. Take them out and head into the room pictured underneath. Spit on the 2 “eyes’ of the machine. Do you have to look inside the greater left hand nook, you’ll see a poster that provides you the reply. Spit on the left eye until it appears identical to the left eye on the poster and do the similar for the eye on the becoming.

Spit on the becoming eye three instances and the left eye as quickly as, in several phrases. Upon doing so, a collectable will appear.

Head correct and in addition you’ll find yourself in entrance of the most important electrical circuit puzzle however. You’ll should take advantage of what we merely realized regarding the inexperienced arrow squares to unravel this one. The reply is pictured underneath.

Head correct until you attain a ineffective end. Pull the lever inside the nook to reveal the background.

Take out the enemies proper right here and journey alongside the background until you attain the place we’re underneath. Do you have to check out the packing containers to the left of the brown pole, you’ll see solely a hint of a collectable. You’ll want to swing once more to the foreground to decide on this collectable up.

Head correct and battle the enemies all via the shop. As you make your strategy by way of it, maintain an eye fixed mounted out for the puzzle pictured underneath. The reply is inside the picture. When you want to clear up it your self, check out the underside of the show display screen and in addition you’ll see quite a few devices purchased inside the retailers. Go uncover these devices inside the retailers, see what picture represents them, after which plug these symbols into the background wall.

With the right symbols plugged in, work along with the protected on the becoming and in addition you’ll uncover a collectable inside.

After this, you’ll be once more outside in an house that seems very similar to the start of this stage. There’s a hen to spit at inside the background. It’s pictured underneath.

Proceed correct and take out the last word wave of enemies on this stage. In your strategy out, you will need to see a nest with four birds (the birds we’ve been spitting on) and the fifth collectable on the stage.

Head correct and the stage may be full.

The following stage inside the recreation is Act 2, Stage 3: A Hard Revenge.


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